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Houston & El Paso
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At the beach ... Early 1980s
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This is my mother: Jo Ann


Jo Ann Bain was born in Houston, Texas on July 9, 1939.  She graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in Houston in 1957.  She won a scholarship to Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, where she received a Bachelor's degree in education.  In 1977, after several years of night and summer classes, she earned a Master's degree, summa cum laude, in educational psychology from Texas A&M University. 


Jo Ann  did her student teaching in Ft. Stockton, Texas and taught in Bellville and Brenham, Texas for about 20 years.  She retired around 1983.
She died on January 22, 1997 of complications from a heat stroke suffered on August 18, 1993. 

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