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Recent Research

Projects & Publications

An Analysis of Non-Instructional Expenditures, Staffing, and Management Practices in the Baldwin County Public School System

This project was initiated by the school system in preparation for a tax renewal vote, in case there were any questions regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of central office operations.

Changing Trajectories: Building Paths to Careers and Institutionalizing Collaborations

This report integrates best practices in career technical education with a plan for engaging businesses and the school systems in the Huntsville area to collaborate in developing career technical and vocational education exercises.  Based on the work of the Southern Regional Education Board and using an example of a highly successful engagement between businesses and schools in Hamilton County, Tennessee, the plan integrates best practices with a change model for local professionals to engage educators in developing relevant, progressively sophisticated curricula leading to careers in the Huntsville area.

Lost in Space:The Challenge of Deploying Vocational Education for the Future of the Huntsville Area

This report identifies significant obstacles to providing successful career technical education in the Huntsville area.  One of the key obstacles, for the county system, is the geographic distribution of students.   The report considers how this factor inhibits the adoption of best practices in career technical and vocational education and recommends altering the physical deployment of vocational education to better serve students.

Funding Recommendations for the Literacy Council of Central Alabama

This report was done to assist the Literacy Council of Greater Birmingham in developing effective, efficient strategies in pursuing and coordinating grant funding efforts for literacy in the five county area.

One Size Does Not Fit All- Research and Recommendations for Gender-Responsiveness in Alabama's Criminal Justice System

Report for the Commission on Girls and Women in the Criminal Justice System, written with Marci Edwards, with direction from the Commission.

Completed in June 2005, this survey contains current salaries reported by 165 Mississippi municipalities. 

This chapter is a case study on the use of performance information to improve results in Texas state government.   It provides a number of statistical observations regarding improvement and a recommendations from lessons learned.  See PowerPoint of major issues.

Mississippi Child Care Development Fund: Program Implementation Evaluation and Impact Analysis, with Martin W. Wiseman, C. Denise Keller and Keith A. Smith.

This report forms the basis for HB 813 by Representative Holland (passed the House).  Additonal information will be posted as the bill proceeds through the legislative process.

This presentation initiated the bugeting process for the City of Ruleville, in the Mississippi Delta.  The same PowerPoint was used to introduce a budgeting exercise at the Mississippi Municipal League's meeting, entitled the Town of Frugalis.

The Institute conducted a survey of city clerks to find out what kinds of accounting software were being used by municipalities, how much they cost, how often they used technical assistance, and whether they had an Internet connection.

Government Reports

The Comptroller of the Treasury is required by law to provide the State Funding Board with an assessment of the "reasonableness" of the state's economic forecast. No one had ever established a standard for determining what is "reasonable" until I was assigned to write the report. For the first time since the law was enacted, a standard was established in this report.

This report was done at the personal request of Mr. William Snodgrass, Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennesse. It was written as a briefing paper for former Governor Ned Ray McWherter, who was advising President Clinton on block grants and welfare reform. This synopsis was drafted within two weeks of the request.

Academic Work

This is a paper I presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Social Sciences Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 18-20, 1993. James S. Fishkin has argued that three tenets of American liberalism create an insoluble trilemma that can be mitigated through policy cycles. In this paper, I argue that if one admits self interest and adds a dose of intergenerational politics, the "solution" is quite clear and readily apparent in contemporary politics. My attitude toward liberal tenets caused quite a stir among the few attendees (Friday afternoon in the French Quarter is not a good time to present a paper.).

Joe Adams, Parties, Ideologies, and Budgets: A Study of Budgetary Trade-offs.  Doctoral Dissertation, Vanderbilt University, 1992. (8MB)


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